Friday, May 04, 2007

Worth the Wait

After multiple delays and 3 long months of waiting I finally received my copy of Sharon Miller's "Heirloom Knitting" from Amazon in the mail today. All I can say is it was worth the wait--WOW! I've wanted this book for about a year now but just couldn't justify the $56 price tag, so when Amazon finally discounted the price back in February I jumped at the opportunity. I knew to expect a 6 week wait when I ordered, but when the 6 weeks was past, they said it would be another 5-6 weeks. I pouted and groaned, but said I'd wait. I figured I was too busy writing to have time to do anything with it anyhow, and this way it would be a graduation present.

This is one of those knitting books Regenia would say you read "like a novel" because the stories are so fascinating. I love the BIG PRINT charts that you can actually read and the fact that the knitting techniques used to create such beautiful lace are so simple. I also love all the history behind the lace motifs. Knitting my own Shetland Shawl is going to be so much fun, all I need to do is figure out what I want to knit ans what yarn to do it with. I have some excellent candidates in my stash already.

I was hoping my yarn from Richard would arrive today too, but I guess the presents need to arrive one at a time. I'm on hold with the Bugs shawl until I figure out what yarn to use. As it is, I will most likely need to drop down to a size 3 needle as the size 4 was huge with the cashmere. In the meantime I'm having a blast knitting my Flamingo Pink Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn. Can you tell what pattern I'm using from the picture? I''l give you three clues: 1)It's an infamous free pattern from MagKnits, 2) it has ZigZag patterning, & 3) The designer is friends with Oscar the Grouch. Have you figured it out yet??? Yup, it's from our favorite "Yankee" knitter Grumperina--Jaywalker Socks! I've wanted to knit these for some time too, mostly because everyone else seems to have already knit them with either raving success or endless frustration. I'm finding them to be a very easy knit and a perfect choice for the striping of the Flamingo yarn.

And while we're on the subject of socks, I read the funniest comic strip yesterday. Well, maybe not the funniest, but in light of my current addiction to knitting socks, it was humorous. Check it out here

I haven't done much knitting today as I busy sewing a new outfit to wear to graduation. I tried my best to find something new that I could buy, but I totally struck out there so I gave up and hit the fabric store instead. I bought some deliciously rich butter yellow rayon/linen fabric that is perfect for the skirt and short-sleeve jacket I'm making. I cut the jacket out last night and the I cut and sewed the skirt this afternoon. Skirts go so fast it's hardly worth the frustration of trying to buy one. When I do find a skirt I like in the stores, I always have to hem them up, so I'm behind the machine no matter how you look at it. I'll post some pictures once I get things put together.

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Anonymous said...

The LL socks are looking great! I hope you're making the larger size though. I started a pair on 72 sts and it was way too small to go over my ankle. You may want to slip it to some waste yarn so you can check.