Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another FO!

While I'm waiting for the next clue for the Bugs KAL to be posted, I am keeping busy by finishing as many of the UFO projects on my list as I can. I figure I need to either finish or frog these projects so I can feel unencumbered when I start more new projects. This requires great effort on my part since I'm a journey, not a destination person. You know what I mean, there are some people who are all about getting things done. It's about getting finished as fast as possible--perfection is not required, and "smelling the roses" along the way is just a waste of time that slows one done from getting done! Then there are folks like me where its all about the journey--the adventure of picking out a project and finding the perfect yarn, even if it takes several tries. The joy is in the knitting and finishing, while highly desirable, is always optional and rarely on a forced time-line to completion. Interruptions for new projects or other endeavors like gardening, or trips, or whatever, are always welcomed.

Yup, that's me--the journey. But sometimes a woman just needs to free up space in her knitting baskets and finish a few things. I have a few new KALs that will be gearing up soon, so now's a great time to finish a couple of shawls and some socks. I spent the past several days working on Nancie Wiseman's Lavender Linen Lace Shawl from her Shawls, Stoles and Scarves (or something like that) book. I cast-on sometime last summer as my 1st project using Jaggerspun Zephyr. At the time it was the skinniest lace yarn I had used, and I didn't like the drag and lack of spring in the yarn. I'm still not especially fond of Zephyr, but I have to admit it's perfect for a light summer scarf or shawl. I used the Coral colorway for this project, and it's is a delightful oversized triangle scarf. I cast-off last night but will wait to wet-block it until the weekend when our houseguest departs.

Another thing I've been doing is catching up on my group email and "cleaning" things up on my blog. I the process I discovered the KnitList has a webring, which I promptly joined. I found the easiest way for this limited web-techie girl to get graphics on my side bar is to upload them as a part of a message on the blog, then copy the location in html to the template. I'm sure there are more savvy ways to do this, but hey, this is working for me. So I've got a couple of buttons added to this message, which a just a utilitarian thing. I'll post more interesting pictures later once I get them off my camera :-)

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