Saturday, May 05, 2007

Rainy Day

It's Saturday, so of course it rained pretty much all day. I don't like gray, rainy days as they tend to send me into a blue funk, especially if I'm tired or hormonal. They also guarantee that the fibro pain will be at least twice what it normally is. But, we've been in a terrible drought and some of my plants, etc. are still struggling to recover from the Easter freeze, so we really *need* the rain in a big time bad sort of way. So what to do? Why stay at home and be creative, of course!

I spent most of the afternoon hunkered behind the sewing machine while the races at Churchill Downs played out on the TV. I just love watching the Kentucky Derby, and it was especially neat this year since the Queen of England was in attendance. The favorite, Street Smart, won the race but I was pulling for Nobiz like Shobiz. My choice of horses tends to be based very unscientifically on things like appearance and name and who the owner is and not so much on winning races prior to the Derby. I'm at least half way through making the jacket for my yellow linen suit. The pattern is quite unique and I'm pleased with how it's progressing. I'd never be able to buy something this pretty in a store, that's for sure.

As for knitting, I'm making progress on my Jaywalkers too. I'm working on the heel flap and should be ready to turn the heel late tonight or sometime tomorrow. My cuff is about an inch or so shorter than the pattern directs, but that's to accomodate my anatomy (mega calves above!!!). Otherwise, I have a perfect fit. I knew I would have problems if I just knit the largest size with 2.25mm needles as written, so I cast-on with 2.75mm, then knit the ribbing and 1st 20 rows of zig-zags with 2.5mm before dropping down to 2.25mm needles. I'm very happy it worked out and I didn't have to make more elaborate alterations.

I was a bit bummed that my yarn from ColourMart wasn't in today's mail, but the summer issue of Interweave Knits was in my mailbox instead. There were lots of lacy things in this issue, but no shawls. There was a tie around your hips sort of a shawl/skirt wrap thingie, but I guess I was hoping for another Icarus or Swallowtail type project for this summer--not that I need another shawl project right now, mind you ;-) Richard sent out an email announcing some laceweight alpaca yarns he had just posted on the website. I *adore* knitting with baby alpaca so I rushed right over to see what was there. There were only 2 colors, a caramel color and buttercup yellow, and only a few cones of each. At $16/cone I wasted no time in ordering a cone of yellow. YUM! This could make for some awesome knitting!

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