Monday, May 28, 2007

Catching Up

I've been without internet access for a few days, so I'm playing catch-up on things like emails and blogging. I spent most of my time last week doing things like sleeping and just trying to recover from all the events surrounding my graduation, so I have *lots* of catching up to do. I should be writing thank you notes and such, but Mindy has been asking for folks to post pictures of their Bugs KAL projects, so I figured I comply now that I have a great digital camera that allows me to shoot clear, detailed photographs. this first photograph is the shawl with 3 clues completed.

This second picture gives a clearly view of all three clues. I started out with Peas in the 6-row section and sunrays in the 12-row section. I love the way these two lace patterns flow into each other. In the 24-row section I knit selection B: Dragonflies and Midges. This was one place where the handpainting of the yarn obscured the detail of the dragonfly body/tail. I've tried sketching out my own dragonfly lace pattern using a diagonal placement, so I know how tricky that is (I didn't quite succeed at my initial attempt). A diagonal dragonfly would have worked out better for my yarn choice, however. I guess that's why Mystery KALs are such an adventure!

These next two photos are detail views of the clue 3-selection B (48 rows). In the first one is the large flower and the second one focuses on the profile view of the butterfly. This section was fascinating to knit because you never really knew how things were going to turn out as you were knitting. Oh, I knew what I was supposed to be knitting, but it wasn't until afterwards that things really looked like butterflies and flowers.

In this 48-row section I was really happy I chose to use a painted yarn as there wer significant sections of plain stockinette that were enhanced by the blnding of the blues and greens in teh yarn.

And this last photo is a little more clear of an overview of the entire shawl up to this point. I'm totally loving knitting this project. I spent five days knitting what you see here. I wonder how long it will take me to knit the 96-row section? Hopefully Mindy will be able to post the next clue sometime this week (if her computer decides to behave itself for a few more days). I am *so* looking forward to what surprises are coming up next!

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Regenia said...

I love how the hand painted is looking in the 48 row section. I may be converted to a fan of variegateds yet!