Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Got my Hood!

It was a big day today. I went to the University Bookstore this afternoon and picked up my Doctoral Hood for the graduation exercises on Thursday. I am so excited!!! My best friend Donna arrives tomorrow night and I'm not even close to having the house ready for her. I guess I'll scrub the bathtub tomorrow afternoon as I'm too tired to do it tonight. A quick trip with the vacuum and a shove a bunch of stuff in the back of my closet and that'll have to do. It's a good thing Donna isn't picky :-) I need to put away all the sewing machines and stuff in the den before the party on Saturday, but that can wait until Friday if necessary.

I stopped by Lilly's Bead Box on the way home and picked up a couple of strands of freshwater pearls, about a 4x6" rice pearl in a natural cream color, to whip up something to go with the new yellow linen suit. I need some earrings and a new watch, depending on which ensemble I decide to wear. It's a good thing this stuff assembles fast! I'm too tired to do it now because I opted to spend a couple of hours working in the yard and cleaning up the patio. The patio was a mess and since Mom plans on putting the drinks out there for the party, I *had* to do something. My hand hurts after that sweep/scrub job! I hope I don't a get a blister.

On the knitting front, I tried out the new 2/28 cash/merino/viscose yarn I ordered from Richard. I've knit up to the 12 row section on US 2/3.0mm dpns because this yarn is *very* fine. The tension looks perfect, but I'm not certain I want to knit a big Pi shawl on 3.0mm needles. I'm afraid I'll have to knit more than the complete 96 row section in order to get a shawl that is wide enough, and I'm not all that keen on the idea of knitting 1100+ sts/row for 40 of 50 rows. Nope, not for this particular project. So, I'm headed back to the beginning of the Bugs shawl again and still in need of a better yarn choice. Sandy at Yarn Haven has a gorgeous CTH handpaint laceweight that has about 2300yds for $40 which tempts me, but I'm concerned about a variegated yarn obscuring the little dragonflies and butterflies I'll be knitting into this shawl. I could just go for the natural look and use the KnitPicks Bare I have in the stash. I do want a cream colored shawl, so that would work even though it seems a bit boring. I did knit a swatch out of the bare and it was nice knitting. I guess I'll be postponing this decision for a while longer, since I'm kind of busy right now :-)

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