Monday, December 08, 2008

Busy Bugs

I just thought I'd post a quickie to let ya'll know I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am alive and battling a respiratory bug which means I sleep even more than usual. When not sleeping I am knitting like crazy. I've had a acute case of finishitis followed by a case of blockitis. I have a number of new shawls ready to wear to show for it all. The unusually cold weather here in East Tennessee has prompted me to buy some fat yarn and use broomstick-sized needles to knit some toasty warm hats for my cold head. I made my first foray into entrelac knitting and I think I am hooked!

Before I hear the clamour about where are the pictures I will just say you have to be patient. I have taken them, but my poor old 'puter was so overloaded it just couldn't handle them. The good news is that Sinterklaas visited me on St. Nicholas Day and left me a present that was too big to fit into my wooden shoes...a new computer!!! A fast computer with lots of horsies under the hood (4G RAM/640G hard drive) and a big flat panel widescreen monitor. It's so clear and bright it almost makes my eyes hurt. In between naps I'm trying to move my files from the old 'puter to the new one. My attempts thus far to get my wireless access hardware to work and get online have failed miserably so I'm offline for the most part for a few more days. I do try and check my email every day or two so I will get important messages eventually. As for the projects photos, there are a bunch under beadntat on Ravelry. The rest will be forthcoming. Until then...Ho, Ho, Ho and don't sweat the small stuff...It's Christmas and you're supposed to feel a little joy, OK? Have a Holly Jolly adn I'll be back faster adn better than ever very soon. {{{HUGS!!!}}}