Monday, January 22, 2007

Smart. Very Smart.

Some people are smart. Very smart. Like the kind soul who decided to put together a blog page listing all the knitting KALs, swaps and exchanges for the year so those of us who may not be quite as in the know can just go to one place and find a ready made group of friends to knit a project with. Of course I won't remember where the master blog listing is located 2 days from now, so I did a little smart thinking of my own and saved it all here for future reference. That is if I have any time to knit something new. All my smart thinking is being swallowed up by my research project at present. I was just going over my timeline this afternoon and I feel overwhelmed by just how much work I have left to do. Yikes! But I was good today and got a nice amount done so I can knit and watch the Tennessee Lady Vols play Duke in basketball tonight. i just didn't have the energy to go to the game in person, so sitting at home and knitting as I watch (and cheer, and scream) will just have to do. Smart. Very smart!

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