Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Sabbath is a Day of Rest

Today is Sunday. And being the very faithful Latter-Day Saint that I am I took advantage of the Sabbath Day as a Day of Rest. I slept late, I took a long nap after Church, and I rested from my labors on the Gansey Pillow. It was miserably cold and rainy today and my body hurt like holy toledo! My neck was especially unhappy, making it difficult for me to concentrate on the talks in church (one of which was a very nice discourse on keeping the Sabbath Day holy). I didn't stay for Sunday School as I was in far too much pain.

After dinner I picked up my knitting and starting working on the Hidcote Garden Shawl again. I had let it languish a bit while enjoying my gansey adventure, but decided to pick it up again after noticing that my forearms were hurting more than usual after a gansey knitting session. Perhaps the tighter knitting required for ganseys is more demanding physically than the looser knitting lace prefers? Whatever the reason, it was a good choice to switch. I've finished 6 of the 10 charts in Hidcote and I'm already several rows into chart 7. Even though the rows are quite long (300+ st) the diamond motif in this center section is pretty fast knitting as lace goes. I just need to finish this chart and I'll be ready to move on to the final lace pattern which resembles stems of lavender in bloom. A couple of my Hidcote garden KAL partners finished their shawls this weekend and they started in January! Wow that's fast, focused knitting. Hidcote is a huge shawl so knitting it in 19 or 20 days is seriously impressive.

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