Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year's Update

OK, so in my last post I updated that status quo of most of my knitting projects. This time I thought I'd update my blog and add those little things like KAL buttons and pictures of wips. You know, all the little things I've neglected for a few months plus all the new things I've jumped in on over the holidays. OK, so here's goes:

I bought the amazing new book by Jane Sowerby called Victorian Lace Today. The photography is enough to make this book a coffee table special and the updated Victorian era lace patterns make it a must-have for any lace knitters personal library. And when great books and patterns emerge, the online KALs of folks wanting to knit them together quickly follow. So the VLT KAL blog was one of my newest additions.

Not being the kind of soul who knits only one lace shawl project at a time (ROTFLOL)I also chimed in on a new KAL of folks knitting the Hidcote Garden Shawl designed by Miriam at I bought the pattern back in November thinking I would knit it as a part of the Lacevember KAL. I knit on it for maybe 2 weeks before it got pushed aside in favor of Christmas knitting. So now I've picked it up again and am making good progress. I'm using ColourMart 2/28 laceweight cashmere in a pretty dusty aqua blue color and size 5 needles. I've finished the first section of lace and am into the diamonds (C6, r13).

OK. So that's what up with the lace along parties. But when that lace jumps ship from shawls and stoles and hits the ground you get...lacy socks. And that brings me to the next KAL-the Branched Fern Socks. A member of the Lace Knitters list, Rochelle Ribeiro designed this pattern for a contest. When she didn't win she turned her disappointment into joy by sharing her great pattern with friends online and started a KAL group. Way to go Rochelle! I haven't cast-on yet, but I plan to use some Regia Silk yarn for this one.

And then I detour from lace altogether and follow my fellow EZasPi friends in a workshop on Gansey Knitting led by the Brit Knit extraordinaire herself, Liz Lovick. This should be interesting since I know nothing about Ganseys, Guernsey's, or other Aran and Celtic knitting forms. I don't plan on knitting a Gansey sweater, but a small project incorporating the techniques will be sufficiently educational.

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