Thursday, January 11, 2007

Orkney Oy!

If at first you don't succeed at knitting the Orkney gansey swatch correctly...Oy! I don't know why I managed to knit the 1st one using a stockinette ground instead of a garter stitch ground, but I did. But thanks to our fearless leader, Liz took a gander over here and saw the error of my ways :-)

This time I dug a little deeper in my stash and found a slightly fatter yarn to use. One of my follow EZasPi classmates had mentioned using Sinfonia cotton for her swatch and I knew I had a ball somewhere. I didn't find it the first go around but was successful tonight. This time I used US3 (3.25mm) needles and I found the knitting much easier. The larger gauge compensated for the inelastic fiber and the predominantly knit stitch use made this swatch a very fast knit. The block was 3" square which was right on target. I think I pass this time :-)
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