Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Florida Wins, Hell Freezes Over

I shoulda seen it coming. It was all my fault. I shoulda known better that to cheer for the University of Florida to win the NCAA championship game in football last night against Ohio State University. After all Hell would freeze over before an "I bleed orange" Univ. of Tennessee Volunteer fan would root for their arch enemy the Gators. And so it did. In the midst of record warm temperatures and daffodils about to bloom in East TN I woke up to SNOW on the ground! Yikes!!!! Snow.

I promise immediate repentance, Lord. I won't do it ever again. I'll never cheer for Florida again. Please take that cold stuff away, QUICK! And as luck would have it, I had to go out of the house this morning. In a semi-stuporous state I was rummaging through storage bins trying to dig out a very warm sweater to wear over a turtleneck. Add one of those nice Alpaca shawls I've been knitting all year and presto---no coat needed! The status of my winter coat supply is well, pitiful at best, but then who needs them around here? Not often enough to invest is a really nice, warm coat.

My morning panic over sweaters left me with knitters remorse for not having knit a few nice sweaters that fit properly and are constructed out of quality yarns. The only ones I've made were out of "fashion" chunky yarns from big box craft stores and knit on fat needles. My swatching was inadequate, the yarn to pattern combinations awful, and the resulting sweaters excessively short and wide. In a words, big knitters *don'ts*. The box of don't sweaters is what led me to stop knitting sweaters, but my knitting savvy has increased wonderfully as of late. I know better than to make the same mistakes I once did. No more crappy yarn. No more size 15 needles. (aka broomsticks). Maybe I'll knit a proper sweater in time for next year's cold weather. If we have any cold weather that is.....

Hmmm... now to find the mosquito killers. We're gonna have a bumper crop of the little devils next summer. A girl can't win for losing..... Go Vols Go!

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