Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gansey Education Continues

So my gansey knitting education continues today with a few more insights. I am now up to row 36 on the 1st pillow pattern and here's what I've figured out today:

1. Crushed raspberry frangipani yarn really does look quite smashing once knitted up. Smashing...did you get it.... LOL (boo hiss, moan groan). Ok, I need humor because I've had an awful day so forgive my feeble attempts.

2. Frangipani yarn doesn't seem nearly so scratchy once you get going knitting it. The feel of the pillow top isn't at all unpleasant. So another reason to not pass judgment on a yarn by what you see and feel in the ball and wait until you've tried it. I'm still not knitting a sweater out of it for myself, though.

3. Black dots that don't look at all interesting on paper can surprise you. I wasn't at all impressed with the 2-row stairstep sequence in the center of the pillow. It was one of the reasons why I intended to knit the other pillow first. But hey, once knitted this pattern looks amazing! I love the texture. The bottom line, a) you can't trust the chart to tell you the truth about a stitch pattern and b) ya gotta swatch it first before passing judgment on a stitch pattern--you might just be surprised!

4. I really dislike k1, p1 knitting. I avoid 1x1 ribbing and have never done moss stitch because I hate the constant manipulations required for throwers to do k1, p1 knitting. But golly gee, moss stitch sure is superb way to knit borders. Nice texture, no curling, maintains its width without the sucking in of ribbing. Moss stitch is cool! I'm getting better/faster at knitting k1, p1 sequences and will no longer look away from a pattern because it is done in moss (seed) stitch.

And one last observation which is independent of ganseys, knitting is wonderfully soothing when it's cold and yucky outside and you're having a really sucky day. A warm fireplace, a good movie, and a lap dog also help :-)

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