Sunday, February 12, 2006

Olympics Day Two: Making Progress

The first day of Olympic competition is over and Team USA already has its first gold medal thanks to a newbie speed skater Chad Hedrick. I guess it doesn't always take a lifetime of passion and training to be a champion in one specific sport. Hmmm, sounds like knitting. How many of us Knitting Olympians started out in a sport other than knitting, only to convert sometime later on and find our passion in the clickety-clack of the needles? I know for me, I learned how to knit when I was 9 or 10, but I wasn't converted until a classmate in graduate School at Vanderbilt persuaded me to put down my crochet hook and give the needles another try. She took me on a field trip to a *real* yarn shop, and I ended up knitting my first sweater fit to wear out in public. Thanks Vicki! You changed my life!

I'm making good progress on Kiri. I have the pattern repeat memorized now so I can knit faster and don't have to worry about the pattern hitting the floor every time Miss Emme decides to take up residence on my lap. She's liking the olympics pretty well thus far, but then she's already a devoted watcher of figure skating I finished 2 more repeats so that's 4 down, 8 to go. Of course, those repeats get longer and longer as the shawl progresses, so 2 is good progress. I knit about 3 hours on Kiri, plus another 45 minutes on a second sock I want to finish so I can wear them. I need more handknit socks now that I'm addicted to wearing them. 3 pair simply aren't enough to keep my tootsies happy.

Kiri is too big for the scanner now, so I have to depend on my crummy digital camera. It was a promo freebie and it's better than no camera, but 5.1 megapixels aren't worth much with a crummy lens and no optical zoom. But you can sort of see the shawl growing in size at least.


Nyxxie said...

Looks good. A free camera that is 5.1 meg pix. Wow that is pretty good I will have to say even though it doesn't zoom or have a good lense can you change the lense?

beadntat said...

Thanks nyxxie! It would be nice if I could just put a good lens on the camera, but that's not possible. I have my eyes on a good digital camera. Well, actually, a couple of different digital cameras that someday I'll be able to afford. I've learned from this experience that the cost of the camera has more to do with the quality of the lens and other components than the number of megapixels. Let's face it, microchips are fairly inexpensive nowadays. Sony digitals have Carl Zeiss Swiss lenses. Now that's a great lens! (Lust, lust, drool, drool.... LOL)

Christy said...

It's looking good! I think if I can make it through the Snowdrop during these Olympics, I'm going to try the Kiri. I've always admired the pattern.