Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympics Day Three: No Pain, No Gain

No pain, no gain. It's the mantra of most athletes I know. Pain is simply the price one pays while striving to achieve one's personal best in any chosen sport. Look at Grandma Luge. At 50-something, she wasn't about to let the bangs and bruises of training keep her from her olympic goal-simply to be there and participate. Unfortunately broken body parts from her last training run in Torino got the best of her so she won't be competing after all. But she came and she gave it her all. Ditto Michele Kwan. Now there's a woman with class! She managed to sit there in front of a zillion reporters and cameras and maintain her composure while all she really wanted to do was bury herself in the arms of her family and cry her guts out because this time the gold eluded her for good.

So I guess my continuing migraine/sinus headache really isn't that big a deal, is it? After all, I did knit a few rows yesterday if for no reason other than it helped to distract me from my misery. When you live with chronic pain every day as I do, distraction is essential to survival. I knit for my very survival some days. I hope this doesn't disqualify me from the race. As a member of Team Deseret I pledged to not knit on Sundays, but I just needed to do it yesterday. I apologize to my team members. I'll try to do better next weekend. Meanwhile, I'm on the 6th repeat of Kiri and she's growing quite nicely. I had to do a little tinking after a Flying Tomato distracted me last night, but Shawn got the gold so it was worth it :-)

Oh, BTW, the snow came and went at my house very quickly. All gone! I have returned my snow boots to their proper place at the back of the closet. May they stay there gathering dust and cobwebs!

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knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Hey Christie! Have you tried the addi bamboo circ's. I used them when knitting my Charlotte's Web Shawl and loved them. They were truly the best of both worlds.