Saturday, February 18, 2006

Day Eight: We're Passed the Half Way Point

The Winter Olympics in Torino moves into the second week of competition today. We're at the half way point in the games and my Kiri shawl is past the half way point too! I'm working on the 10th of 12 repeats and I'm quite pleased with my success. It's pretty tough to capture Kiri's progress in pictures, but my knitting pal "Ewe-nice" was willing to help out as best she could.

I'm finally starting to make friends with my addi-turbo needles. Thanks to all who offered helpful responses to my whining. I actually made a concscious choice to use the slippery turbos after swatching on my usual clover bamboos proved to be too draggy for this yarn. I decided the new needles would be a part of my olympic challenge. While the needles are slick as all get out, the cable is a dream to deal with, unlike any of the cables I've used up till now (which were stiff and determined to go in any direction except the one you want).

I scrolled through the list of Knitting Olympians on Stephanie's blog yesterday. Wow! From my rough scan, it looks like 15 other people are also knitting Kiri. There may be others but I wasn't about to check every link that said "lace shawl" as the declared project. One knitter even set up an Excel chart to count every stitch in the shawl and posted a line graph to track her progress against her projected daily requirement of stitches needed to finish by the end of day 16. Sheesh! Excuse me, but isn't that just a wee little bit OC about the whole thing? Apparently she has a thing about cats too. To top is off she and another cat-adoring knitser friend are both knitting and tracking and graphing out their Kiri olympic experiences together. uh, well, go team Kiri...I think?!?! ROFLOL

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