Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Day Eleven: The Morning After

It's the morning after the big Ice Dancing Final. I have a headache. I want to go back to bed and sleep for 3 more hours. I was up late last night watching the skating. No, I was consumed by the riveting action of the fancy red and black costumed wonders twizzle-ing around the rink. Well, some of it wasn't exactly riveting, but all of it was intensely interesting. A little too intense, too interesting for knitting. I *needed* to knit during the last set of skaters just to keep myself together. I was so nervous for Tanith and Ben. But they were spectacular. No, not perfect. No, they were not the best on the ice last night. Russian team clearly excelled and earned their gold medals. But the American team was hoping for a silver medal, being happily real about it all, and they succeeded! It was so groovy, uh, oh, yeah, totally awesome! (I forgot what decade I was in for a minute ;-)

So this morning I paid the price with very tense and sore shoulders...needle gripping I tell you! And Kiri showed the evidence as well. Break out the crochet hook and tink, rip out, and redo all those leaning decreases 2 rows back. Somehow in all the excitement many ssk stitches became k2togs, and yes, the k2togs were ssks! My leaf lines were so crooked! I would have laughed if my head wasn't hurting so bad. And no, the only substance I was under the influence of was diet coke, so you can't blame that for this AMs misery. The only cure I know is to take my usual 2 in the morning, wash it all down with another DC, tink out my errors, and get ready for the Ladies short program tonight. Will Sasha pull off the big upset of Irina? I doubt it. My prediction is a Russian sweep of all the golds, but I hope Sasha skates well enough for silver. She'll have to have the skate of her life and hope the Japanese skaters don't upstage her. The grooviest thing would be if Emily Hughes makes the medal stand. Who says miracles can't happen--just ask Sarah! I just love those Hughes girls

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