Sunday, February 26, 2006

Olympics Day 16: Flame's Out

I just finished watching the closing ceremonies of the Torino Olympics on TV. I took a closer look at the festivities on the NBC website before coming here to blog my closing thoughts. My beautiful Italian red shawl is completed. I waited until tonight to weave in my beginning and ending threads, just so I could say I really ended my shawl as the games ended. It was a wonderful, challenging two weeks. As someone who struggles to stay devoted to just one project until it is completed and ready to be seen in public (ie. no loose ends or unsewn seams), this was a great success. It was also a big success in that I rose to the challenge placed before me, and I kept my confidence all the way through the project, even while tinking back to fix mistakes. I would not be discouraged--a life lesson that I need to hold on to going forward.

I made new friends by joining Team Deseret--wonderful people that I probably would not have met had it not been for the Knitting Olympics. Thanks Geo for initiating the team and extending your warm friendship. I hope our little group continues to knit and blog and grow!

The olympic flame is out. It's time to return to life. But for me, it won't be life as usual. I've really been blessed by this experience. And each time I look at my beautiful red Kiri shawl I'll remember the knitting olympics, the friends I made, and the things I learned not only about knitting, but about myself. Arreviderci Italia!

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