Monday, February 20, 2006

Olympics Day Ten: The Unexpected

One of the reasons why I love watching the olympics is the "unexpected" factor. The Torino games thus far have been no exception. For Americans it started the very first day When Bode Miller, who was expected to win gold in the Men's Downhill, didn't. Ditto for the combined. But the unexpected isn't always a bad thing--just ask Ted Ligety!

But sometimes the unexpected factor leaves an ugly mark, uh, like the aftertaste of burnt food. If would have been so great, if only I hadn't burned it! No matter how much water you swallow and how hard you try to choke it all down, that awful sensation just refuses to go away for a long, long time. Meet Lindsey Jacobellis, the U.S. snowboarder who lost the gold medal yesterday. Nope, she didn't win the silver, she had to settle for the silver due an immature moment of celebration before the race was over. It was a moment gone very wrong. She forgot that it isn't over until *after* you cross the finish line. The unexpected can and does happen, in the olympics and in life. Lindsey will have 4 long years to think about it, but she's young and will have a chance at redemption if she so chooses. But the bitter aftertaste of that choice will last a lifetime.

Last night's ice dancing was fraught with unexpected falls by even the best of the couples. If looks could kill, Barbara Fusar-Poli sure sends the daggers with her eyes towards her partner last night when he skidded, lost his balance, and dropped her during a crucial required element. A year of hard work, coming back out of retirement to skate for gold in their home country, all crashed in an instant. I can't even imagine how awful that must be.

What I do know is that I tinked more on my shawl last night that I have through the rest of the shawl because I was so distracted by these highly unusual falls. Nevertheless, Kiri is getting nice and fat! I didn't knit much on Saturday because I was busy preparing my Sunday School lesson. Nothing like Abram & Lot, Sodom & Gomorrah to keep one distracted! But the topic did make for some lively, dare I say unexpected, conversation in class. But I did make progress last night and now have 2 repeats and the edging left to go. I'm pretty much ready to be done with it as the repeats are starting to get, well, repetitive.

Tonight's pictures tell another story of the unexpected. The weather in East Tennessee in February can always be counted on to deliver the unexpected. On Thursday I had 4 more daffodils bloom, basking in the 72deg warmth. By Friday night they were drooping under snow! Yikes, snow two weekends in a row! We had even more snow on Saturday, followed by a sub-20deg night so the snow didn't melt like it usually does. But I'm happy to report that my daffys were quite perky this afternoon as the temperatures returned to a more respectable 40something. Better yet, they were joined by the first pink tips of a hyacinth opening up. Oh joy! I celebrating the occasion by buying new gardening gloves for the upcoming season. You go flowers!!!

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