Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy May Day!

It's May Day and the sun is shining and the weather was perfect--not too hot, not too cold. I was happy to see the sun since it was cloudy and cool all weekend, but without the promised rain. If its going to be that gray outside then those clouds better be watering my garden and lawn doggone it! Can you tell I don't like gray days??? LOL

I have another reason to smile today--the workers finally finished the project. For 3 weeks I've had guys crawling all over my house, ladders clanging and hammers banging. Guess what my heads been doing too? Yup, clanging and banging. But our almost 40 yr. old house has a totally new roof, brand new vinyl & aluminum siding, eaves, & soffits, 5 new windows and all new gutters. Wow it looks great! It's been hectic, but I'm glad that my folks &/or I were at home and supervising the work start to finish. It's good to be there to answer questions, give directions on our preferences, and make sure the work is done to our satisfaction. There are still a couple of little details to be taken care of, but the bulk of the job is done. I'm looking forward to returning to my peaceful existence. So is my dog, Miss Emme.

With all the commotion I didn't get much productive knitting done last week. I'm continuing to work on the leaf lace shawl as it's my take-along easy knitting project. I'm up to 9 repeats completed thus far. I was excited to download the 3rd set of clues for the mystery pi KAL last Friday. I quickly vetoed the hot peppers and the vine options and had to decide between the daffodil and the buds in trellis designs. The daffodil is a large outline created by yos and k2tog on a field of stockinette--nice but not all that exciting I thought. The trellis design continued the linear effect already established by the snowdrops and had nice lacy interest. So I chose the trellis and once again, I got the design with chart challenges and other interesting little issues. Oh, and the knitting is a bit dicey too with lots of double yos and converging double decreases. On Friday it was slow and go. By Saturday I was growling again over shifting sts and rows that start with double decreases. Yesterday I was thinking about frogging and doing the daffodil when things finally got a little bit easier and the lace started to look like something instead of a collection of strung out holes. So I'm hanging in there today at row 15. I must be getting better at this 'cuz I din't even bat an eyelid when I found another "problem" with the charted design that needed to be edited in order to knit the thing. I guess that's progress?!?!?

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