Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ugly Yarn, Achy Body, Foul Mood

If you are reading this beyond the title, I commend you. Most folks would run like the dickens! But let's face it, icky days do happen and apparently so do icky yarns. Did you see my picture? I scanned this hank and posted it unedited. On my computer it looks just as it does in person--thanks to a brand new scanner that scans true to color (unlike my pervious scanner which required much tweaking to look good). OK, so what color did you get? I see beige, aka tan, aka khaki--the classic neutral. Guess what color I *thought* I was purchasing? Not beige, I assure you. I thought I was getting a soft shade of yellow. That's what it looked like to me both on the 'puter and in the printed catalog. Besides, the yarn color name is "sunlight," another reason to think I was getting a yellow yarn. Silly me, to think that sunlight is yellow!

I am not a neutral color wearing person and I (selfishly, I suppose) knit for myself so beige is not a color I would knowingly purchase. Nope, not never ever! No black, no beige, no tan. Ok, I do own a couple pair of khaki pants to wear in the fall and one pair of black to wear in the dead of winter, but they hang in the closet most of the time. I wear bright happy colors and soft pretty pastels. I wear pink and aqua, fuschia and turquoise, and lots of blues. I carefully choose my yellows and greens to get the right shade for my pink/blue skintones and blonde hair. I look dead in beige & black. As a person recovering from depression/dysthymia, I use color (and knitting, and gardening, etc.) to help keep my serotonin levels up. I no longer require antidepressant medications ( a miracle!) so I depend on other things to keep my mind healthy. I am not an angry person, nor do I hold grudges, but I am quite angry with the yarn company for their vanilla, unsympathetic response to my emailed complaint. Not only did I get not-yellow yarn, but I also didn't get the lace shawl pattern I thought I ordered (but didn't show up on the invoice???). Grrrrr!

The weather in East TN has been cold, cloudy, and just plain icky. That hasn't helped my body one bit and my pain level has been outrageous for days now. The bad yarn transaction just put me over the top in the foul mood department. I guess it's a good thing my pi shawl is progressing nicely and the bumblebees are buzzing without a hitch (1st 12 row repeat done x576 sts!). Hmmm, maybe it's the *happy* pink and blue yarn that is helping things along! I decided to send another email to the yarn company-one that expresse my emotion a little more clearly (but still diplomatic). I'm thinking I was too nice in my 1st email and that maybe they didn't get the fact that I am *not* a happy customer right now. Of course I didn't get angry until I got their response to my 1st email--that's when I got mad. I don't get mad too often, so that's saying something---and it ain't good!

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