Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pi Shawl through Clue 3

Get a look while she's off the needles for a frog session! I didn't like the tulips so I'm going for some bumblebees instead! Posted by Picasa


Tracey, in MI said...


Pennie said...

pretty pretty

Tallguy said...

Yes, indeed, very nice!! I'm quite pleasantly surprised actually... not that you are doing so well, but I've seen this by someone else, and well... it didn't look like this at all!! I think she made a few mistakes, and just kept on going! So of course, it was all wonky, and no pattern was created, and... well, it just looked so weird, and had no discernable pattern at all. Yours is quite excellent!

But you are right: if you don't like the way the pattern is coming out for you, change it! It is YOUR shawl, so YOU can do anything YOUR little heart wants! Honest, you can!! Go for it!! It's gonna be quite the shawl! :-)