Saturday, May 20, 2006

Moving on to Traveling Vine

I finished 24 rows of bumblees on my pi shawl yesterday and have moved on to my last pattern for the body of the shawl-Traveling Vine. One of the knitsters in the KAL mentioned some problems with the TV so I was leery to start. But as it turned out, her issues were not with the accuracy of the pattern but with the esthetic and her personal preferences. Nevertheless I decided to do some work before starting to knit as frogging 576 sts/row is not my idea of fun. I wrote out both the Norbury and the BWalker version of the pattern. The finished product is the same, but they wrote the patterns out differently. The Norbury was easiest to chart so I sketched it out and compared it to Mindy's variation. Basically Mindy stretched out the vine to make it a 16 row repeat rather than the 12 rows of the original pattern.

After some thought and knowing that I liked the look of the original pattern in the books, I decided to knit the Norbury rather than Mindy's version of TV. I'm not in the mood to deal with any more surprises at this point. I had planned to knit 16 rows of bees to mesh with Mindy's TV so I increased the bees to 24 rows to mesh with the Norbury. At the moment I'm on the 5th row and the transition between patterns is perfect! I am happy! Taking scans or pictures at this point is almost impossible, so you'll just have to wait until I'm done. I just printed off the 5th set of clues so I can think about which edging I want to knit next. Oh boy...the end is getting closer!

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