Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hanami Update

In light of my frustration with the Bugs Shawl, I decided resume work on the Hanami Stole design by Melanie at Pink Lemon Twist. Melanie designs and leads the Mystery Stole KALs and MS3 is slated to get underway in about 2 weeks. I took this as motivation to finished the Hanami so I can start the MS3 without feeling guilty about the excessive number of WIP/UFOs in my stash.

I've been back at it for maybe 3 days now and have completed the required 7 repeats of the 1st (basketweave pattern) chart. I am using 2 strands of ColourMart 100% silk in the Melissa (a celery green) colorway and 3.25mm (US 3) KnitPicks circular needles. The original design was knit in a slightly fatter lace yarn (KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud) with 3.5mm (US 4) needles. Guess what that means? You guessed it, My gauge is smaller and so is my stole. Melanie's blocked dimensions were 19x70". With my stole technically at the halfway point, I'm at 17x26". This is not so good because the finished stole needs to be nice and *long* for proper wrapping. I knew I had to make it longer for me, but them my Mom saw it for the first time and dropped an atom bomb-sized hint about hoe the green was more her color than mine and how nice it would feel wrapped around her neck! Let's see, what would the Aussie Guy on Animal Planet say... CRIKEY! (I mean no disrespect to the deceased--I just thought it was an unusual his daughter Bindi repeats often on her new tv show...but I digress).

Okay, so it has to be longer and that means I have to endure knitting at least one more 32 row repeat of the basketweave pattern. Did I say how sick I am of knitting the basketweave pattern? I should be done with it and the transition section by the time the weekend is over, so then I can get to the real business of knitting holes. My fibro has been pretty grumpy as of late, so I'm trying to not overdo things, like doing too much digging in the garden, etc. Yeah, right, so I started digging my way through the piles of stuff in my closet instead! At least the shoes are back in their boxes and up on the shelf where they belong and I can walk into the closet without tripping for a change ;o) Next up: some more dejunking! It's good for the soul and creates more room for the yarn stash (did I say yarn stash????)

edit: I used US 2 (3.0mm) KnitPicks Circular needles for the Hanami Stole, not 3.25mm as originally stated. OOPS!

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Romi said...

That is *gorgeous*! :)