Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bugs Day 9

It's day 9 of knitting own my Bugs Pi Shawl and I'm at the point in the shawl where the rounds are LONG and the progress seems SLOW. Realistically, I'm doing well if I get 4 rows knit each day. I'm working on Clue 4, selection B and I just knit my first bobbles ever on row 13 yesterday. They weren't too difficult, but that's because of my trusty super pointy Addi-lace needles. I found I got the best look by creating the 5 sts (kpkpk) then knitting one more stitch into the back of the st. below (just as you would if you were doing a kfb increase). After that I just passed all 5 sts over the last k made to close the cluster and create the raised bobble. Pretty cool!

I'm on row 16 right now and I hope to get R17 finished tonight as well. That would keep me at an average of 4 rows/day which is good. I'll start in here shortly, but right now I'm too excited watching the Tennessee Lady Vols Softball team play for the national championship against the Arizona Wildcats. The Lady Vols won game 1 last without a problem and they beat AZ last week as well, but things are tighter tonight. The Lady Vols have had the bases loaded twice in the last 3 innings and weren't able to get the runs. AZ just escaped again---Yikes! If the Lady Vols lose tonight, they will play the deciding game tomorrow night, but I'd rather not have to see them need to go to a game 3. Wouldn't it be totally awesome if both the Lady Vols softball and basketball teams won national championships in the same year! Since I just graduated and created history by way of miracles, I don't see why not? GO VOLS!!!

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