Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rainy Days and Wednesdays

There's something about rainy days that just leaves me feeling yucky. Fibromyalgia and rainy days are arch enemies, ditto for SAD. I can't go for very long with out bright, cheery sunshine or I find myself in a blue funk that just ain't cool. Wednesdays are rough because Tuesdays are my most demanding day of the week, thus by Wednesday I'm weary and not very productive. Add the two things together and, well.... it's not a pretty sight.

The good news is the Big D is now at what my mother calls the Mini-skirt stage, that is the end is in sight. My major professor returned the last draft with her final edits and told me she didn't want to see it again--fix what needed tweaking and turn it in to the Dean of the Graduate School. WooHoo! The edits are quite minor, so that's nice given I still have to do a final proof of the reference list. Once that's done I can drop the page numbers into the Table of Contents, created the PDF file, and be done with it. Let me tell you, I am *so* ready to be done with it!

So instead of editing the Big D or writing the journal article that is also due ASAP in order to graduate, what am I doing? Yup, surfing and knitting. I stopped by the Yarn Haven on my way home yesterday thinking I would splurge on another 3.5mm Addi-Lace needle, this time in a 24" length. This is my favorite size needle for lace knitting and I really wanted the shorter length to start knitting on the Spring Things Shawl. It was just my luck, though, that Sandy had sold all US4/24" needles. She has them on order so I will get one when they come in, but in the meantime I'll just have to knit on with the 32" ones. I softened the blow by looking at all the yarn in the store--there are so many new ones I hadn't seen! I was especially taken with a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn in variegated hues of muted spring greens, purples, and yellows. The colors reminded me of irises, lavender, and pansies and I was so tempted. Then my left brain kicked in and reminded me of all the sock yarn I have in the stash already, and how I haven't knit much on socks recently (or anything else other than shawls for that matter), and how I needed to be frugal in order to have enough money at the end of the month to buy something if I so wished (and not be too broke to do so). I went home empty handed, feeling very proud of myself for exercising such restraint.

Can you guess where this is going? I thought about that yarn all evening, I even saw it in my dreams! Then when I woke up to a gray day and felt so achy breaky I knew that was it--I *had* to have that yarn! To top it off, Jeanie Townsend sent me her latest sock pattern for, of all things, lilac socks! And what would be perfect for lilac socks? The CTH yarn of my dreams. I stumbled out the door and made the 2 minute drive to Yarn Haven and bought that skein fast, before anyone else beat me to it (there was only one skein in that color). I confiscated my favorite dpns from some ufo socks and I am headed off to cast on. At last, something to smile about today :-)

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