Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not a good week for knitting

Thus far I would say this has not been a very good week for knitting. It started off on Monday. I was up half the night Sunday finishing a manuscript that had to be turned in to finish of a class I got an incomplete in. The deadline for the corrected grades to be on file with the Registrar is Friday. No grade change, no graduation--it's that simple. So I head to campus Monday afternoon to hand deliver the paper. I stop by my major professor's office and she strongly encourages me to wait until the prof who is to receive the paper gets out of the class she's in at the time. This is smart advice and I know it, so I agree to hang out and wait for 1 1/2 hours to see to it the everything gets taken care of properly. The worst part, I forgot to grab any knitting on my way out the door so I had *nothing* to do but just hang out all that time. This was not fun! I was hissing about grabbing the paper and forgetting the socks.

Next not good thing is my current shawl project. I keep plugging away at the Spring Things Shawl even though I'm not loving it at all. I am motivated by being in the KAL and I know I'm not thinking clearly, so I can't really trust my opinions at present. Now that I've finished everything the University needs for me to graduate, I can allow myself to relax just enough to know I'm exhausted beyond recognition. When I'm this tired, I am cranky, grumpy, and otherwise see things cross-eyed, so why should lace knitting be excepted? Well, maybe that argument works, but not really, because even in a grumpy mood I love what I love.

So here are the latest pictures of said controversial shawl, currently being knit out of white Jaggerspun Zephyr, a yarn I also can't seem to force myself to feel positively towards either, on 3.25mm KnitPicks Circular needles (now these I love!). I'm putting up with the yarn because I wanted a lightweight white shawl to wear with summer things and I'm putting up with the pattern because 1)I like the bottom part of the lace design, 2)I coughed up $6.50 to buy the pattern, 3)I joined the KAL, and 4)I'm too darn stubborn to admit defeat! A reasonable person looking at these pictures would think the lace looks OK, some will think it looks really nice. Hey, I only have a few more repeats on Chart A before I move on to what I hope is the good part. If I still hate it then, I will swallow my pride, frog the thing, and move on to the new Bugs pi shawl which is about to start.

I 'm excited about the Bugs! I may knit it using yarn from my stash, *or* I may wait for some new yarn I just ordered from ColourMart to arrive. I ordered a cone of the blue iris silk and a cone of pale blue cash/merino/viscose. I'm thinking the blue would make for a lovely pi shawl and I don't have any blue shawls at present so that is a motivator. I still have a bunch of KnitPicks Shimmer in Turquoise Splendor which could be very pretty. I'm just not sure I want to do another variegated pi shawl. I have some Bare laceweight which could be really pretty too--just plain and natural, or the cone of screaming watermelon pink cashmere. I guess it just depends on what the lace patterns end up being as to what yarn I'll choose. The Mystery aspect of these Pi KALS make such decisions rather difficult because you don't know what's coming at all!

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