Thursday, April 20, 2006

Third Times a Charm???

I just had to do it. I just couldn't let my 1st pi shawl have this weird extra loop at the center. So I pulled it off the dpns and stretched it out to get my 1st really good look at the thing. That's when I knew I was going to make some changes on my 2nd attempt to my KYOAPiShawl. For one, I realized that the size 4 needles really were too tiny for the lace. OK, so I should have believed everyone on the various lace & knitting lists that were recommending much larger needles for laceweight yarns. The other realization--I didn't love the leaf design (option C). The best part though--I do love the sunrise yarn! Oh goodie!

So last night I spent a couple of hours knitting my center again. This time I used size 6 needles and the Russian Pea lace pattern (option B). Wow what a difference! I love it! Well, that is everything except there was this one spot that looked kinda uneven on the start. I used a different start that I read about on one of the lists this week. This one is called "Round and Round" and the gist of it is you do a knitted cast-on (k1, yo, k1, etc) into the hole of a slipknot (the slipknot itself is not a stitch). Once you have all your stitches one your working dpn, you pull the other dpn out of the slipknot and pull the knot until it disappears. Divide your stitches onto your dpns and start knitting. This is even easier and neater than Emily Ocker's crochet cast-on IMHO. Well, that is unless you make the fatal error I did and accidentally twist one of the dpns so you knit the stitches off in reverse order. Then you get a weird looking center that's hard to figure out. Back to the frog pond I go! Why is it that I can't figure out I have a problem before I finish the center *and* the 1st clue???? So I'll be reknitting the start for the 3rd time tonight. But then we all know the third times a charm, right??? LOL

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