Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lifetime Learning

One of the things I have been taught both at home and at church is that one should make a concerted effort to learn new things throughout one's life. Every day provides an opportunity to seek out people, places, & things that are new and to learn all that I can. Reading, and now writing my own knitting blog has been on of those learning adventures. It involves taking digital pictures, editing them & posting them in a web-compatible format. I have to think about what I want to say, write it out, then edit for typos, spelling, and coherence. Most recently I have worked on my html coding skills by adding links and graphics to my sidebar--not a simple task! I am learning and having fun at the same time!

I am inspired by the blogs of other knitters, both in what they are knitting and how they are blogging it. Today I looked at one blog and found this quiz (see below). I determined to learn more about how these things are done and satisfy my curiosity on how a quiz decides "what type of yarn" a person is by asking a handful of seemingly unrelated questions. I confess I took the quiz a few times before feeling satisfied with the declared result. Now this is not cheating, but rather taking a second or third opportunity to choose different, but equally suitable answers to some of the quiz questions. Yes, I would be equally happy to live in the picturesque Carolinas (I love the low country & Hilton Head and I also love Asheville & the other side of the Smokies) or to spend summers on Martha's Vineyard & winters on a tropic island. My 1st trip through told me I was dishcloth cotton-sturdy, love to clean, and hard work. Sorry, wrong number! The 2nd time I went on a lark (Jimmy Choos & 5th Avenue) and ended up at cashmere. Nice for sure, but not really me either. But I finally got it perfect--mohair. Yup, that's me--very stubborn but also warm & fuzzy. The funny thing is that I love to knit with mohair yarn! Nice, soft & fuzzy, warm & cuddly--it's one of my most favorite fibers (along with alpaca, silk, fine merino & lambswool). I guess you could say I learned something new while affirming that which I already knew about myself--not a bad thing if you ask me!

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