Friday, July 15, 2011

If it's July it must be...

time for the Tour de France. And if it's TDF time, then it's time for lean, mean, spandex-clad cyclists on fast machines (bikes), awesome rear-view scenery (woohoo!), sunflowers, lavender fields, the Pyrenees, and the Alps. It also means it's time for my annual TDF knitalong project - another lace shawl. TDF knitting projects need to have some French connection and mine does. First of all, I am knitting the Omelet shawl from Omelet, or omelette, is French for thin plate, so I'm knitting skinny French eggs for 3 weeks. More specifically I'm knitting a lavender-infused Provencal-style omelet as the yarn is a gorgeous skein of Tosh Lace in the Wood Violet colorway. My Le Tour de Omelet shawl is not quite halfway done though the TDF is past the halfway point. I think I have a lot of lavender eggs to eat, um knit, this next week. Vive le Tour!


Rebecca said...

so how's it coming? going to finish?
it will be beautiful (as usual)

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