Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mystery Solved!


Since March is National Crochet Month (and National Craft Month) my LYSO Sandy decided to host a "Mystery" CAL (Crochet A-long) for customers purchasing a ball of her newest cotton thread offering -- Presencia Perle Cotton No. 5. Being a good customer and wanting to support my LYS, I decided to join in. I bought a ball of bright geranium pink thread, dug out an old #7 steel crochet hook and waited for my daily clue to arrive in my emailbox. I teased my friends at The Yarn Haven that we were making crocheted covers for rolls of toilet paper. Hey, they used to be the "in" thing for any fashionable bathroom decor, esp if they were pink! After working each of the 26 rounds given, plus adding one more of my own to "improve upon" the outer edge it is what I had suspected all along. A DOILY. Mystery solved!!!

PS. I have no clue what I'll do with an 18" diameter pink crocheted doily. It's pretty chunky looking compared to my delicate knitted or tatted doilies. I can't say this pink thing floats my boat and it doesn't really go with much of anything in the house except my room...which has no space for a doily this big. Any suggestions???
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Diana said...

Maybe run a ribbon through the YO at the top of the solid triangles, fill it with potpourri and pull the ribbon to close it. Hang it in a closet or with your linens.

beadntat said...

Good idea Diana! I'm certainly never going to use it as a traditional doily.

Needledreams said...

Can we trade? My mom would love to have a doily like this. She's all pinkish girl. lol

I can tat for you anything or send you some Egyptian thread (it's perle #8 and #12) that I got while in Egypt.

Susan said...

what a lovely shade of pink in your crochet doily!