Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

It's February, it's still winter (ugh!), and I, the Queen of Old Maids, have survived yet another Valentine's Day. Unlike times past I have now arrived at the age of wisdom where I know it is perfectly fine to be single and even better to celebrate the day in my own way. I did very good this year. Very good!

I started things out by doing what I love, knitting. I knit a wonderful doily known as Starry Night, but really it is the Valentine's Day doily because the center is a ring of hearts. I knit mine using red Cebelia 20 and 2.5mm needles. Sweet! I can now knit such lovely little masterpieces with reckless abandon because I am the chuffed owner of a proper blocking board. A what you ask? Yes, a board that is padded and covered with a iron-proof cloth that is imprinted with a precisely measured grid, both square and circular, which allows me to pin out soggy little starch-laden cotton strings into glorious lace. oh joy!!!

After purchasing said board at my local JoAnn's (using a 50% off coupon, of course) I went on a spree and blocked every new doily I knit last year. As if that were not enough, I then proceeded to test my eyesight and teensy tiny knitting skills by knitting more doilies...with skinnier thread...and teensier little needles...and more complex stitches. Call it the lace knitter's endorphin rush. It's been a blast!

I did have balance to my Valentine's celebrating. I do more than just knit after all. I went shopping. Mom (love ya!) took me shopping for some new jeans, and pants, and a lacy tank, and a super pink shirt. Yummy, yummy. I wore said jeans and tank with a proper orange and white sweater and hand-knit socks (my Vols Victory Lace socks, of course) to the Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee men's basketball game at Thompson-Boling Arena. Tyler Smith had a super game. Bruce Pearl's guys played better than they did the previous week and won big over arch rival Vandy. I, having degrees from both universites, could not lose as a fan...but make no mistake, I am a Vols fan all the way. GO BIG ORANGE!!!


AlisonH said...

Wow. You do gorgeous work.

Golden Years Gal said...

Absolutely breathtaking! I'll bet not even 1000 women would or could knit that small and delicate. Congrats~ How nice!!!!

Susan said...

Your doily is a work of art!