Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Don't be delinquent

in posting to your blog or you too could be tagged into writing messages you never even considered writing. Gee, thanks Goddess Di! The Di insists she and others want to know trivial things such as the following:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? Well, I was living in Salt Lake City and working as an Advance Practice RN at the Univ. of Utah Hospital Newborn ICU...and trying to survive. My health was failing fast due to fibromyalgia and I had just made the gut-wrenching decision to resign my job and move back to Tennessee where I could stay with my folks, not work, and go back to grad school. I was stressed, depressed, in great pain, and exhausted beyond words. Yikes! (you had to ask, didn't you?)

2. What are 5 things on my To-Do list today (in no particular order)?
- Get out of bed, get dressed, and do something useful (I'm serious!)
- Check out the South West Trading Co. Trunk Show at Loopville and see what Jinka (shop owner) has been up to ("trunk show" was an exaggeration, at best there were a few shop samples featuring SWTC yarns with free patterns for the saking--same ones already on the website..nothing I didn't already know about...but Jinka seemed her usual self)
- Run past Barnes & Noble and see if they have the current issue of PieceWork that I haven't been able to locate elsewhere (bonus...they had the new issue and an overlooked copy of the previous issue...both with great knitting and lace patterns!)
- Check on my garden: talk to roses and lavender, deadhead petunias and daylilies, check squash plants rescued from veggie bed that neighbor's maple tree fell on yesterday (grrr), check on germinating seedlings: marigolds, zucchini, cukes, cosmos
- Prewash fabric bought on sale yesterday and dig through stash for perfect pattern for cute summer outfit that *fits*

Oh, and KNIT!!!

3. Snacks I enjoy: If it's sweet or fattening, then I probably like it...from the ridiculous to the divine. Simple stuff: chex mix, saltine crackers, Pop-tarts, brownies, blondies, asorted cookies; the good stuff: great pastry ie. eclairs, napoleons, lemon tarts, croissants (the real kind..not purchased in multi-packs at Sam's Club), cherry pie, creme brulee', Dolce de Luce Ice Cream, Almond-raspberry torte, rich airy buttercream frosting on a feather light genoise cake, ..... shall I go on???? Nah, you get the idea :-)

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Oh gosh, I can hardly imagine... Let's see, 2 modest, comfortable homes: one in the Smokies, the other in the Carolina Low Country (Hilton Head). Traveling: there are so many places I would love to go see, esp. in Europe, NZ & Australia. Philanthropy: I'd try and do a little something for a couple of my pet charities. Future planning: most would be carefully invested so I would never have to worry about income or health care/living expenses ever again. And I could buy whatever yarn I wanted without having to scrutinize the price of each ball and calculate whether or not I can afford to buy it...I'd just buy it and be grateful.

5. Places I have lived: Salt Lake City, UT; Forest Grove, OR (don't ask...I don't remember a thing!); Reno, NV; Nashville, TN; Knoxville, TN

OK Di, that's it. Oh please don't tell me I'm supposed to tag more people? (whine, I don't wanna, no!)

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Diana said...

I couldn't care less if you tag someone. I just played nice to avoid work. :-)

BTW, you are gonna LOVE the Sweet Shoppe Bakery in Shepherdstown.