Saturday, March 15, 2008

When a tornado hits Atlanta, or Vols win?????

Let's see, yesterday was March 14th, or 3-14 aka Pi Day for lovers of all things mathematical, or fans of Elizabeth Zimmerman's approach to knitting circular shawls based on the concepts of the Pi formula. One could also say that on 3-14, what goes around, comes around...and around it did indeed come last night in Atlanta! Still in my somewhat zoned out funk from the nasty little virus that I picked up, I was watching yet another of the SEC Men's basketball tournament games from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The Vols already escaped with a win over South Carolina earlier in the afternoon, but I was interested in seeing who our potential competition would be in the semi-final and hopefully final rounds. The 1st game in the evening session was a close one between Alabama and Mississippi State. A last second shot tied up the game at the end of regulation and they were playing the 1st OT period when suddenly the hardware suspend from the roof of the Dome started to sway wildly and stuff was falling from the ceiling. By golly, it was a tornado!!!!

The nightcap game of the tournament was postponed until this afternoon. The news footage this morning revealed the massive amounts of damage that were done to the heart of downtown Atlanta, including all the facilities key to the SEC tournament. So the games were moved to the arena at Georgia Tech University, the schedule changed, and the fans sent away as there was no way to fairly accomodate all who had purchased tickets. I think it may just be a sign of good things to come for the Vols. The Vols haven't won the SEC tourney in who knows how long...decades. It's kind of like the Vols will win when hell freezes over...or a tornado hits downtown Atlanta in the middle of a game! I *know* Bruce's Boys can pull it off :-) They just need to beat Arkansas in tonight's game to prove me right :-)

Stay tuned for the next installment of As the Vols play Ball, which will include an update of all things knitted during tournament viewing and other "sickie" activities :-)

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