Sunday, September 16, 2007

Somebody Loves my Socks!

When I first started blogging, I had my doubts that anyone would have much interest in what I had to share. Well, I knew that my close knitty friends on EZasPi and a few others would come visit, but beyond that I had few expectations. Last winter when I was convinced my blog was very lonely I added a visit counter which helped a lot. At least someone--besides Kat, Diana, and Regenia, that is-- was looking at my socks and lace and flowers. Cool! I was happy.

Things started to change this summer when I joined the Summer of Socks KAL. Suddenly my circle of reach expanded beyond mostly lace knitters to folks who are mega passionate about knitting socks. One day I got this email from Dr. Laura of Sirius Knitting. She is perhaps best known in the knitting community for her Friendly Socks pattern books, but she also keeps a blog called Socks and More which highlights socks knit with yarns from Crystal Palace. Most of my summer sock knitting involved an awesome CP yarn called Panda Cotton--a fact not missed by Laura. She asked if she could post some of my sock pictures on the Socks and More website. How could I say no??? She posted a piece on my traveling Meida's Socks several weeks ago. Cool!

Today Laura emailed me to announce that I was "Star Search Sunday" on Socks and More. It turns out she did a collage of all my Panda Cotton Socks and wrote a few nice things about my blog in her weekly feature of other knitters. To say I'm flattered would be an understatement! Of course the best part is I have all these great socks ready to wear with my favorite clogs this fall, but a little acknowledgment from the knitting community and the folks at Crystal Palace doesn't hurt. If you have the chance, hop on over to Socks n More and see all the great socks featured there. Thanks Laura!


Regenia said...

Hi!!!!!!!! I'm still definitely around, just distracted by the Boy. I can't wait to get my blog updated so you can see my Icarus progress. You'll be so impressed.... and it's getting beaded!

Kat said...

How cool!

Your sock are definitely ones to show off!

Judith said...

I read your blog often and your contributions to various yahoo groups. I am in awe of your output both in quantity (do you ever sleep??) and quality. You have helped me once or twice - so thank you! I have not ventured into writing a blog as I spend too much time reading at the computer anyway - leaving less time for actual knitting! So, my message is - yes, lots of us read your blog and enjoy it! Cheers from blossom laden Spring here in Canberra

stitchin' girl said...

Congratulations on being mentioned by Dr. Laura!! Thanks so much for your advice on the beads. I think you are right and I will go with the blue ones - I definitely want them to show up. I never thought about having to add repeats to make the Hanami longer .. that is something to ponder .. Thanks!