Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In the Nick of Time

I finished my Victorian Lace Socks this morning...just in the nick of time! The Six Sox deadline is today to be eligible for goodies or whatever--I really don't know being new to the group and all. Anyway, it was good motivation to get another pair of socks into the FO list. To celebrate the occasion, I headed out to my garden to shoot some creative pictures of my VLS.

Up first is perhaps my favorite picture. I love how the yellow of the socks stands out in contrast to the brilliant crimson of the Vinca. This was my first time planting vinca (the flowers, not the flowering vine--but I have some of that too that grew under the fence from the neighbor's yard). Actually, I didn't choose to plant vinca, my mother just brought a pony pack home one day and that was that. They were the puniest things for a long time, but just in the last week or so they finally filled out and started to bloom with abundance. They do look good in contrast to the yellow marigolds, especially when viewed from a distance.

The second picture shows the socks perched on one of my most favorite garden plants--lantana. I purchased two of the newer hybrids this year, one is a fragrant purple variety that is more of a ground cover. I planted those at the base of a young Natchez Crape Myrtle. The contrast of the white blossoms of the crape myrtle look great with the lavender lantana. but the socks are perched in a lovely yellow-peach-pink hybrid called Peach Sunrise. This hybrid grows vertically in addition to the lateral spread so they end up looking more like a shrub by fall. Cool!

Up next we find the socks in the yellow marigolds. Yellow socks--yellow flowers. Need I say more? I suppose not, so we'll move on to the mainstay of any southerner's late summer perennial border: the purple coneflower. Not only are these coneflowers very long-blooming, despite the heat, humidity, and this year--drought, but they are a magnet for butterflies bees and birds. There is nothing more beautiful to look at than a male goldfinch feeding on the seeds of purple coneflowers. I guess that's why I needed to take a picture of my yellow socks on the coneflowers.

And last, but certainly not to be dismissed or ignored is the brilliant purple petunia. No, my petunias are not planted in an onion patch, but they are in pots and raised beds all around the house. My mother adores the fragrance of petunias, especially in the evening, so I planted lots of them on the deck where she sits and relaxes early each morning and again in the evening. After all, it's my job to take good care of my mother :-) Love ya Mom!


Regenia said...

I love the socks! And now that you're back to showing flower pictures, I really want to see the purple lantanas. I'm already imagining one day meeting up with you at The Yarn Haven and comparing pictures in a landscape competition. I want a garden so bad!!! :D

CatKnit said...

Those socks are beautiful colour and so are your flowers. I want flowers and colour. I'm just putting together a new garden and so far it's just a desert of green grass - the flowers come next year.

Kat said...

I love petunias, too! The socks are way awesome!! I did mine in a variegated yarn I dyed (because that's what I had on hand, and I didn't want to buy more yarn at the time), and the pattern doesn't show as much of course.

I got some Panda Cotton for this next one, since you raved about it so much! :-)

Crystal Palace Yarns said...

Oooh, our Panda Cotton has never looked so pretty! I like all the photos, but the feet in the socks in the petunias is my favorite photo.

I think Laura who does our Socks-and-More blog will be writing to ask about sharing your link and a photo on the blog!

Susan at Crystal Palace

Romi said...

They look great!

AlisonH said...

Cool socks!

Barb said...

the socks look great, very pretty color :)