Thursday, March 08, 2007

March Madness

It was a remarkably warm, remarkably sunny, and remarkably nice spring day. I was rudely awakened by my lawn service guy, Mr. Jim, who decided to show up at 9AM to mow the lawn and reseed the lawn where the plumbing guys dug a big ditch last December to fix an old rusted out pipe. I am looking forward to the red mud not coming back into the house every time I let the dog out. Even still, I wasn't prepared for Jim's earlier than usual arrival.

Having spent yesterday's allotment of energy figuring out the revised thematic structure of my study (it's an inverted 3-sided pyramid!) today was the day to trek to the Bursar's Office one last time. This time it was to pay the $75Graduation Fee. Yup, you gotta pay them to stay in school and you gotta pay 'em again to be let out! But it's the last check I hope to ever write to the Bursar's Office so that's good. The next stop was the Registrar's Office. You have to file official forms to be allowed to schedule your defense of dissertation too. It's not like the University's gonna hang a big sign from the Torchbearer's arm announcing the event to the world, but you can't do it without the paperwork just the same. But I walked past the mighty Torchbearer on my way to the College of Nursing after I finished the formalities at the "tower" to chat one more time with my chair. I ran my inverted pyramid scheme past her and by george, she liked it! So with a big sigh of relief and a smile I trotted out into the warm sunshine secure in teh knowledge that all I have to do is write it, rewrite it, rewrite it again, duplicate it, and distribute the big D to my committee by this time next week. Yikes!

To cope with the thought of it all I stopped in at McKay's Used books on my way home to see if there were any new knitting treasures on the shelves. Nope, nada, nothing good. With is probably a good thing since I bought an issue of Anna (with a Niebling doily no less) off ebay yesterday (American seller who didn't know that the valuable content was the lace knitting, thus a cheap buy it now price--yippee for me) and 3 balls of white Zephyr from the Knitter for a summer lace project-TBD. Yup, it's a good thing I struck out at McKay's. To console myself once I got home I headed out to the garden with Miss Emme and the camera to capture the glow of daffodils in the setting sun. "A host of golden daffodils"--nothing can cheer the soul like a bunch of daffodils. Thye make me glad I crawled in the dirt last October and planted 50 more of the little treasures. Next Fall I'll add 50-100 more.

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