Saturday, February 17, 2007

What do you do when...'s a cloudy, dreary, and yes, even snowy Saturday afternoon in February (well snow flurries and a transient dusting of the white stuff, but no real accumulation--but here in TN they call that "snow"), and my beloved UT Vols men's basketball played a pathetic game losing to So. Carolina (is this the same team that just beat Kentucky a few short days ago?), and the "grandkids" and their parents have invaded our peaceful little abode once again, and my fibrowacked body hurts so bad I don't know whether I should scream or cry. What do you do??????

Well, the first thing I did was sleep in as late as possible--hiding under the covers is a good thing. Next it was time to smell the roses--see picture in the previous post--followed quickly by the downing of a few pills with an icy cold Diet Coke. Ah caffeine--it's a very good thing. Next, tell beloved niece that you have a headache and convince her to play games on the computer quietly while the Aunt tries to wake up--God Bless NickJr! Next, sit in recliner already outfitted with pre-warmed heating pad and pick up knitting. Ah knitting to the rescue!

I started working on Daddy's socks, you know, the ones I haven't finished yet even though they were supposed to be his Christmas present. Those socks! The pattern is simple, just a nice broken rib stitch with a row of plain knitting in between a row of ribbing so I don't go crazy knitting what seems like miles and miles of ribbing, which I hate to knit. Crazy is having to tink back half of what I did because I forgot that half the rows are just plain, simple knitting--NOT ribbing. Knitting while half asleep, and whatever part of me was awake was in serious pain, is not a very smart thing to do. Tink, tink, tink.

The pills start to work and I start to wake up. That's when I remember that I ran out of yarn on my fingerless mitts I'm designing with just a few rows of ribbing left to knit on the second glove. Grrrrr. I can choose to frog back and skip a few lace pattern rows, thus finishing the gloves in one ball, but with one glove shorter than the other OR I can dash out to the new LYS a grab another ball quickly before the store closes at 2PM. I throw on some jeans and a very baggy UT sweatshirt and dash across the street, returning 15 minutes later with 2 balls of the very nice yarn in hand. Why 2 balls? Because the thought of matching socks seems quite appealing. After all, a girl can never have too many knitting projects OTN at one time or too much yarn in the stash can she? Of course not! Besides, last I checked it's still cheaper than therapy. I wonder if yarn therapy could help the basketball team?

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