Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I Love FOs

I just love *finished* knitting projects. Being an expert at UFO/WIPs, it's especially satisfying to see a project through to completion. I finished these Regia socks Sunday evening and they turned out just perfect. The fit is perfect--my best pair of socks yet, and the color is totally cool. When I put them on my feet I feel... well, groovy! Handknit socks really do rock!

Finishing a new pair of socks gave me something to feel good about on a weekend when I felt awful physically. Between the wacky weather, wild hormone swings, and fibro my poor body just lost it. Yeeeouch! But I put those toasty warm socks on my feet immediately after grafting the toe closed and ahhhhhh...yes! Warm, soft, yummy, and happy bright! What a way to turn icky into ahhhh! I had my camera at the ready so I didn't even have to move from the recliner & heating pad to snap this pix of my toasty tootsies. Now that's what I call groovy!

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